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need a place to stay

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In need and pregnant

I'm only 17 but i am in college and i just lost my son in 2009 and i am currently pregnant with a baby girl i just need to find a stable place to live i really want to do whats best for my daughter and raise her right unlike my parents did me i REALLY need help
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Just relocated found a job but have no money for a place to stay

I have finally found a job in atlanta and start this week unfortanly I do not have anywhere to stay nor money for a hotel. I am just asking if any one would be willing to help with the fist month rent of a cheap apartment or with the cost of the first months rent of room . I would be able to take it from there after getting my first pay check.
Or any suggestions would be very helpful.
Thanks for your time.

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Need a sponsor to help me start my own business

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About Autumn38 husband and 5 yr old son are going to be homeless in the next few days because the apartment complex found out we were staying with her (Motherinlaw)and they are threatening to evict her because of us ,and she is in a wheelchair as she was born with spinal bifida and had a foot removed due to diabetes.We definitely dont want her put out of her home for trying to help us.We came her from Tennessee in hopes that there would be more jobs and can care for as ahe had noone here to help her.Anyways long story short we have absolutely nowhere to go.We have called the 211,Have been to the coalition which is full and all the other shelters here in Orlando.All churches say they dont have any funds and we have had every door closed in our face at this point.We are even willing to work for a place to stay or even bus tickets to get back home to Tennessee because this is just to much putting our son through all thee changes.If anyone has any advice or can help please feel free to contact me.I am not embarassed to ask for help ,I am in need of it...

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hi everone

Hi How everone doing I doing ok i guess I have been looking for a job for awile still dont have one me and my youngest is staying in a womens shelter praise god we have a place to stay but its amost two months and i havent found a job yet hope we can still stay there longing hope i can find a job soon so if anyone can help me please email me thank you so much and everone have a very marry christmas   

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About nevergiveup1

Hi everyone,

I am a parent of one child and I take care of my disabled mom. We are being evicted from our rental home and have to be out by Monday. I don't know where to go or what to do. I'm sure there are a lot of people in a situtation like ours and my heart goes out to them. The biggest issue is my mom. She has limited eyesight, is diabetic, has arthritis, and can't get around on her own. I'm currently unemployed but I'll be starting a seasonal job at the end of next month.

If there is anyone who can help keep us from being thrown out on the street this Monday please, please, please let me know.

Thank you and Bless you

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housing available  

About housing available

I would like to turn my home into housing for pregnant teens......can someone help me with information.  I have the home and the space I would love to help those in need.

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About cynt1

Hi, my name is cynthia, I need housing for me and my son, I got laid off my job, in aug. made in on unemployment for a while, been looking for work ,but no luck, jobs are so hard to find now due to the econmy, my ex-husband let me stay in his apartment for a while, but his lease is about to be up, so we have no where to go,my son is in fifth grade, i dont want him to worry about whats going on, he has a major test coming up that he must pass, dont want no stress on him. please, please, help find work or please help us find a place to stay. cynthia    
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